Book Projects

A Peaceful Conquest: Woodrow Wilson, Religion, and the New World Order (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016)

A PeaceA Peaceful Conquest Coverful Conquest provides a new narrative for American religious life in the early twentieth century by considering more fully the relationship between U.S. foreign and American Protestantism. Focusing on Woodrow Wilson’s life and career (1856-1924) as a window into the period, I argue that Wilsonian internationalism, especially its assumptions about the role of the State, transformed American evangelicalism. This book demonstrates how the Reconstruction-era South and social Christianity shaped Wilson’s assumptions about internationalism.  It also illustrates how Wilson’s articulation of this vision through the League of Nations caused American evangelicals to re-define American Christianity in the post-war period. Together, the Great War and the League of Nations caused American evangelicals to ask themselves as a matter of policy, rather than piety: shall we be “in” or “of” the world?


America in the World, 2 vols., Dictionary of American History Supplement

America in the WorldAmerica in the World is a two-volume supplement to the Dictionary of American History (Scribner’s). This supplement focuses on Americans and the United States in the world through entries that place American history in a global context. The editorial board includes Edward Blum (editor-in-chief), Emily Conroy-Krutz, David Kinkela, and myself. My area of expertise as a member of the editorial board was 1898-1940 as well as religious traditions and influences on America in the world.