Crosspost Links: Disestablishment of American Religious History

Although there has been a delay in posting here, posts and fruitful conversations have been happening elsewhere.

Lately, I’ve been involved in a robust conversation at U.S. Intellectual History Blog. Ray Haberski wrote an interesting post on “Why the Academia Found God,” pointing readers to the “tsunami” of books about religion in American History and, in particular, the Young Scholars of Religion Program. John Fea, in turn, considered if biography plays an important role in this flood of scholarship in “Biography and American Religious History.” For a response to these two posts, Andrew Hartman invited me to write a guest post. It can be found here: The “Disestablishment of American Religious History.”

*Editor’s Note: Since posting John Fea has written a response to “Disestablishment,” “Response to Cara Burnidge.”

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